Employee Testimonials


Monique Cram

I started with the business as Sales Admin & QA Manager in April 2011, and, was immediately struck by the camaraderie and relaxed vibe in the business. There were no airs and graces, everyone just enjoyed coming to work and being a part of watching a business grow from strength to strength.

Back then there were only 36 people on the payroll, but it was also reassuring to see we were not merely numbers to Brett (Brett Gray – Head of SA Operations)- he genuinely wants everyone to be successful in this journey we’re all on together. Meeting Brad (Brad Wingrave, Group CEO) for the first time was also surprisingly refreshing – since most CEO’s are not as down-to-earth and approachable as he is.

I joined the data team (The Circle) in November 2017, and even though it’s probably the most frustrating area within a business as big as ours, with its massive database – it’s also the most rewarding time of my entire career, because I’m now in an office full of nerds (my happy place). I have high hopes for the database – we’ve made huge strides already and we’re well on our way to meeting our end of 2019 deadline to having all the data as tidy as we can get it.

I’m also very grateful to the company for supporting my career ambitions. Most companies do not acknowledge people’s desire to grow and look at other areas of the operation, and often the only choice would be to move on – last thing I want.

I’ve said many times to many people that there has not been a single day in the last 8 years that I have woken up and thought “ugh, do I have to go to work?” I think Smarter Business is a wonderful place to work, and anyone who works here has no glass ceiling if they work hard and dedicate themselves to the business.

I have been very happy for years and the best result for me would be to retire with Smarter Business.


Dustin Jacobs

I have worked at SB for 7 years and started originally as an Appointment Setter. This was very much an entry level position that allowed me to learn how the business ran, what systems we used and how the business made its money! Since then I have undertaken a range of jobs (9 in total!) that led me to my role as Project Manager. This role allows me to apply all the things I’ve learned and is so varied that I never have the chance to get bored! I lead a team of Business Analysts and System Developers and we are supporting Projects in literally every part of the Business! For example just this year alone we have delivered 200+ improvements including a biometric fingerprint scanner for reception – I mean, who signs a register these days – it’s 2019? On a personal note, I am doing my Prince2 qualifications (an internationally recognised Project Management qualification) this year – The Company has funded this, my colleagues mentor and support me for it and the Company even gives me time off to study towards it.

Tazlon De Lange

I started my working career at Smarter Business in 2017 straight from Varsity College as an intern’. Within the 2 years since I joined I have managed to get 2 promotions and will be a fully certified Sales force Developer by August this year. The company has invested in my personal development to get me to this stage and once I become Certified I hope to achieve another qualification this year.

The Job itself involves working across a range of projects both internally and externally with a range of clients. This variety of projects is one of the things that has helped me to progress so quickly, that and the coaching, mentoring and working in such a supportive team . Outside of work I love making music so look for my latest creations on Soundcloud!

The support includes:

> Funding for exam fees
> The right to earn study leave
> Flexible working patterns
> Coaching
> Mentoring

Our Story

Smarter Business understand that the modern “gold” for all businesses is being able to use their data to recognise customer buying patterns and to spot opportunities amongst all the noise.

Our IT and developer teams form a vital part of our operation. And they take the lead in devising, developing and delivering our data management and data marketing strategy so that we can achieve our vision. And when they’re not engaged in looking at our customers, they are engaged in a variety of task supporting our finance functions, new product development teams and in some cases literally acting to keep the lights on and the machines running.

It is a busy environment, a testing environment but we like to feel a fun one too..

Become Part of the Story

Smarter Business have a number of positions open across our IT and development team to find out more contact Recruitment and start to find how your story can be added ours. Some of the talents we are looking for:

  • Salesforce Certified Platform Developer
  • Degree(s) in Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • PHP, Apex and Java.
  • PRINCE2 Project Management Foundation and Practitioner.
  • BCS for Analysts